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On-Campus Program Opportunities

JUMP! Foundation creates interactive, empowering learning experiences using activities that focus on personal growth, community building and leadership. Our programs are rooted in transformational learning, in which people experience a profound shift in their understanding of self, others and the way the world works. All our programs can be custom designed (in-person or online), according to the needs of your school and students.

Why J! Schools?

Today our world needs leaders who are self-aware, empathetic, and understand that to create a positive shift in the world we need everyone to come together.

Our school programs are designed to help students gain insights into themselves and understand layers of how our society functions. Our work is not just about creating leaders that go on to take various roles but leaders that understand themselves, the world around them and what is essential to bringing communities together.

The goal is to challenge the status quo and create individuals who operate with a sense of purpose and values. This collectively will impact how they operate as leaders in their communities and help them develop leadership skills to build upon for a lifetime.

Our Guiding Principles

Our programs are uniquely designed and our facilitators trained to foster skill and mindset growth in learners.

Skills - Conscious 

  • Self-enquiry
  • Personal leadership styles
  • Socially responsible leadership 
  • Develop human centered communities
  • Inspire leadership in communities
  • Understand systems for equitable change

Mindset - Sub Conscious 

  • Self-awareness
  • Agency and understand its impact
  • Leadership as a collective effort
  • Inclusive practices
  • Curiosity
  • Solution oriented mindset.

Leadership Program

Leadership Discovery

An introduction to leadership with a focus on developing greater self-awareness and inclusive relationships. Students will learn to define their own leadership styles and acquire skills to become better leaders. By gaining greater awareness of their personal leadership style, students will see how they can impact their communities through a new perspective.

Time: 7 - 14 hrs


Student Leadership

Designed specifically for student leaders with a focus on self-awareness and inclusive relationships. Student leaders will hone skills to create a leadership structure for their roles in school and their community. Students will learn how to lead better and co-create a shared vision for their collective roles. These skills will enable them to manage various situations and to keep their peers engaged and at the center of school and community development efforts.

Time: 14 - 21 hrs


Leadership for Justice

A blend of JUMP! Leadership Discovery and DEIB programs, this program looks at leadership as an essential component to the ethical and equitable growth of our society. Students will be engaged in varies though-provoking activities to develop stronger awareness and skills to stand for justice and work towards a more peaceful society in their schools, communities, and beyond.

Time: 21 hours

Age: HS 

Community Discovery Program

Community Discovery Days

Day-long programs centered around activities and conversations to help draw out new ideas to build and improve school communities. Activities focus on developing and deepening culture and relationship connections within the community. Discovery Days can be created around different themes to meet the identified needs and objectives of our partners schools.

Discovery Themes:

  • Community fun day 
  • Community and sustainability
  • Creating inclusivity and belonging in the community
  • Community asset mapping 
  • Community action and impact

Global Changemakers Program

A critical dive into developing communities not just within your school but looking at the larger picture of our society and understanding how we act as members of communities and what our role is in supporting, developing and learning from them. This program looks at community development through the lens of culture development.

Global Citizenship

United Nations

Sustainable Development Goals

Community Development

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging Program

Our Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging (DEIB) Programs bring students together to go on a transformational learning experience rooted in social justice.

This program offers a critical deep dive into self and systems in society. Students are led to self-reflect and engage in dialogue focused on creating more inclusive communities where people feel a greater sense of connection, agency, and belonging.

Students will also work together to develop a framework of how they would like to carry forward their work on DEIB in their school community. This will be an outstanding experience for students to explore and compare how Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging are understood and experienced across their respective social communities and contexts.

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Time: 21 hours 

Age: MS/HS

JUMP! runs a DEIB summit bringing together students from various schools to experience DEIB discussion as a larger community. More information coming soon!

Student Facilitator Training Program

We believe the best way to nurture a community is to mobilize the people who are a part of it. 

Our student facilitator training program aims to empower students to be effective facilitators. We create space for students to learn facilitation skills and practice how to put them into action at school and in their personal lives.

This program has been utilized by our partners to support student leaders in club leadership, orientation, and more. Participants will acquire valuable skills that will serve them far beyond their years in school.

J! Schools programs can be offered with a University for Peace certification with a minimum of 20 hours of programming

End-of-Year Programs

These programs focus on helping students foster deeper connections, celebrate the community, and make meaning of their 2022-23 academic year.

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Start-of-Year Programs

Schools and educators are getting ready to start another school year and we at JUMP! Foundation wants to support you in creating transformational experiences for your student and educator communities. Through our thoughtfully curated programs focused on community and personal growth, these programs can help you JUMP! start your year.

Program Development Process


We discuss with your school to identify learning objectives and help you select the program that best fits your needs


We design a student-centered on-campus learning program proposal and finalize a partnership agreement with your school


Our facilitators lead program implementation on your school campus - Inspiring, Empowering, and Engaging students


Clear and measurable impact results are achieved and next steps for further programming opportunities are proposed

For more information or to speak to our team, please contact us today!

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Who We Are

JUMP! Foundation is a non-profit social enterprise that believes in inspiring, empowering, and engaging youth through collaborative and innovative transformational learning programs.

JUMP! offers a series of leadership and personal growth programs suited for students in secondary schools and universities, including in-school programs (J! Schools), online programs (J! Connected), outdoor adventure trips (J! Experiences & J! Adventures), as well as youth-focused development programs for underserved communities (J! Impact).

JUMP! was founded in 2006 and is a registered charity in Thailand, Hong Kong, and Canada.

A Word from Our Team

JUMP! was founded with the aspirational goal of making transformational learning experiences accessible to all. We had no expectations that JUMP! would grow into a global organization impacting thousands of people.

With support from our worldwide community of partners, we focus our efforts and passion on creating experiences that bring groups of students together for personal development. Through a collaborative approach in our design process, we ensure a variety of perspectives and experiential knowledge goes into each moment of our programs.

We believe, wholeheartedly, in the transformational outcomes participants experience as a result of their experience. With gratitude to our current, past, and future partners, we are excited to continue to create life-changing moments around the world for many years to come.

Our Partners

Our Partners

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