Sam Roi Yot- Central Thailand

Theme: Youth unite through wildlife conservation and community

Location: Sam Roi Yot

Duration: 7 days

Age: 14-18

Price: USD 1,575

Unleash your adventurous spirit by venturing into the heart of Central Thailand's Sam Roi Yot on a 7-day youth expedition, designed for ages 14 to 19, where a series of adventurous activities provide connections to wildlife interactions; and meaningful community interactions are weaved together with local cultural experiences.

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Krabi & Khao Sok- Southern Thailand

Theme: Wild Roots: Coastal Adventures & Jungle Journeys 

Location: Krabi and Khao Sok

Duration: 10 days

Age: 14-18

Price: USD 2,850

Embark on a 10-day odyssey in Southern Thailand where adventures like rock climbing, overnight kayaking, and jungle conservation come together to push young minds into a space for personal growth, fun, and environmental stewardship.

Chiang Mai- Northern Thailand

Theme: Seed to Summit: Adventure, Ecology, and Sustainable Futures

Location: Northern Thailand - Chiang Mai

Duration: 12 days

Age: 14-18

Price: USD 3,000

Embark on a 12-day odyssey in Northern Thailand with "Seed to Summit," seamlessly blending adventure and ecological exploration for youth aged 14-19, creating a pathway to a resilient and eco-conscious future

Mardi Himal- Nepal

Theme: Quest Beyond Peaks: A Journey Within

Location: Mardi Himal-Nepal

Duration: 14 days

Age: 16-19

Price: USD 3,290

Unleash the adventurer in you on a 14-day Nepal expedition through stunning landscapes, immerse yourself in Nepal's vibrant culture, and discover mindfulness in meditation retreats amidst the Himalayas

Water Expedition - A paddle powered Journey

Theme: Paddling through Canada's clear blue lakes

Location: Canada

Dates: July 8th - 20th 

Age: 14-18

Ever dreamt of paddling Canada's clear blue lakes? Immerse yourself in the Canadian wilderness through a two week journey with JUMP! Learn essential leadership skills to deal with the unpredictable, build your capacity for communication in complex situations and develop your independence. 

Mountain expedition, Alpine Thrills & Wilderness skills:  

Theme: Explore the alpine wonders

Location: Canada

Dates: July 22nd - August 4th 

Age: 14-18

Explore the alpine wonders of B.C.'s Rocky mountains. This journey offers the once in a lifetime chance to swim in glacier lake and traverse mountain ranges upwards of 2,300 meters. You also stand a chance to come across great Canadian Wildlife giants and witness the northern lights. Learn to work as a team, manage yourself under harsh conditions and build your confidence on this great adventure. 

Here is what our past adventurers have to say!

I was very happy to see kids couldn't stop talking about their amazing experience and exciting challenges
they had in the camp, which they could never have virtually. In the beginning I was a bit worried to send them in the group, they've never met anyone before for long hours. But now I feel it was too short and hope to send them to a JUMP! Adventure again soon!

- Parent, Summer 2023

Fun and accessible activities for the kids to enjoy with their new found friends! Stuck to the mud outdoors, stuck to the screen indoors.

-Parent, Summer 2023

The programs are full of fun and knowledge. All of the staff are very helpful and understand kids very well. One of the few best ways to keep kids from screen. Kids get to get their hands dirty, close to nature, learn about local things, etc. Definitely coming back!"

-Parent, Summer 2023

He looked tired at the end of each day but he said it was enjoyable, interesting and talked a lot about his new friends. This JUMP!Adventure will definitely help is quality of life when he grows up.

-Parent, Summer 2023

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